Qasr al-Abd

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Near the Iraq Al-Amir hamlet in Amman's Wadi Seer neighborhood is the magnificent castle ruin known as Qasr Al Abad. The name of this location is ' Castle of the Slaves' when translated into English.

A palace from antiquity with a history of more than 5,000 years!

With its artistically carved ornamentation, this castle was constructed between 175 and 187 BC during the Ptolemaic period utilizing enormous basalt stones. The two-story stone building is lavishly decorated and exhibits Jordanian Hellenistic style, finished from floor to ceiling with white stone and inscribed with massive creatures. Additionally, there is a large, deep channel of water around it. Caves were created by hollowing out a rock, and spacious rooms in the rock were carved out, some of which were used for feasting and others for sleeping and dwelling. However, the cave mouth entrances were so small that only one person could pass through them at once.

There are also ancient burial caves and a museum close to Qas-al Abad. It is typically not too busy, so a day trip to Qasr Al Abad is pleasant and serene.


  • The name 'Tobiad' is etched in Aramaic on the front of one of the caves, making recognizing the cave easier based on its carved entryway. This supports the idea that the Tobiad family constructed Qasr al-Abd.
  • Stop about 500 meters from the Qasr as you ascend the valley. The 'Iraq al-Amir' caverns, which were hewn out of the rock, are situated to the left. It is believed that humans were responsible for creating the eleven caverns placed in two strata. The peasants now keep their goats in them and store chaff in buildings once used as cavalry stables.
  • Unique animal cravings are rife throughout the two-story structure. These include the leopard fountains, the eagles perched on the corners, and the lions guarding the palace's facade.
  • On the ground floor, look for the fountain with the carved panther. On the corners, look for the eroding eagles. You can find the mother lioness and her cubs on the top floor and back. For a tip of JD2, the gatekeeper will grant access to the interior and a small museum with renderings of the structure's past appearance. Ask about the miftah (key) in the little shop close to the gate if he isn't there.
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Address of Qasr al-Abd

south of the village of Iraq al-Amir, Amman Jordan

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