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Who said museums had to be staid, monotonous places filled with dust? Despite being an odd destination, pinball lovers are familiar with the Budapest Pinball Museum. Ujlipótváros's underground arcade is tucked away in a cellar. The underground rooms, stripped down to their brick foundation, reverberate with the sounds of rattles, chimes, bleeps, and laughter. Although the name could give the impression that the museum only serves the demands of ardent gamers, this odd museum recounts a fascinating trip. The museum proudly presents the largest interactive pinball exhibition, with the sole pinball machine made in Hungary and an impressive collection of over 130 pinball machines.


Experience the enthusiasm with which the museum was incepted: 

Owner Balázs Pálfi started with a small collection of his pinball machines, which eventually expanded into a museum so he could share his prized collection with other pinball enthusiasts. The biggest continuously operating interactive pinball museum in Europe, with 130 machines, is located in a 400+ square meter room.

Time travel to the 1980s at the Budapest Pinball Museum (Flippermzeum)!

Are you interested in seeing the largest pinball machine in the world?

Think of the appropriately named ''Hercules,'' measuring 235x210x100 cm. It was made in the US in 1979, but it's now a content resident of the coolest ever haven for worn-out pinball machines, right in the middle of Budapest! You can also play old-school video games because the organizers are huge fans of them.

The Pinball Museum has evolved into a playground for all ages:

This museum boasts of a diverse audience, welcoming families with children. The younger members can reach up to play with the machines by standing on little plastic stools tucked under the devices, couples on a playful date, and even adults looking for a nostalgic trip back to their childhood.

But it's more than simply an arcade in the retro style:

It is a museum, but in a less conventional sense, even if visitors are free to play with the machines to their hearts' pleasure. The famous Humpty Dumpty, one of the earliest pinball machines ever produced with flippers, going back to 1947, and the 1920s table hockey that a few young boys used to play in one of the rooms are just two of the older pieces that qualify as genuinely rare antiques.

On exhibit are some of the pinball's antecedents, including the unusual bagatelles from the 1880s. This tabletop game placed more emphasis on chance than the more contemporary mix of probability and skill.

Ideal spot for hangout and celebrations: A private event room is nestled at the rear for those looking for a different location to host a kids' birthday party or a business function. However, a non-alcoholic bar sits beside the entrance and is ideal for refueling before the next game for those thirsty.

Interactive machines keep you engaged and entertained: The unique, interactive museum in Budapest that preserves pinball machines and its tribe is the sole reason travelers from around the world trek there. The largest pinball machine in the world, Hercules, is the only one that cannot be played. You can use it to take a selfie, so don't worry.

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Address of Budapest Pinball Museum

Radnoti Miklos utca 18, Budapest 1137 Hungary

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