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You can choose to go to the Emirates Park Zoo in the early morning, late afternoon, or early evening. When planning your trip to this zoo, don't forget to carry a backpack with comfortable shoes, your ID, sunscreen, and a camera.

There are around 8 different animal divisions here, and there are 1800 different animals total, divided among 250 different species. These eight divisions are Flamingo Park, Giraffe Park, Wildlife Park, Reptile House, Bird Park, Snake Alley, and Primate Parade.

You can interact with and feed certain domesticated species at the Petting Zoo, including agricultural animals, camels, ostriches, and pets. The Bird Park is home to a variety of bird species, including peacocks, Harris hawks, owls, eagles, and more. You are encouraged to feed large creatures including bears, elephants, crocodiles, cheetahs, and Arabian oryx at Wildlife Park.

There is also a section with entertaining games made just for your kids. They can move about and run, slide, jump, and climb. This area is the ideal place for you to enjoy your important events because it is home to about 5 enormous amusement rides and about 100 machines.

Your participation in the various events planned here for all guests makes your trip to the Emirates Park Zoo special. Some of them include African drummers and mascots, monkey feeding, hippo feeding, vulture feeding and talks, farm animals and zebra feeding, giraffe feeding, and tropical bird show.

The experiences to enjoy here are Big Cat Experience, Crocodile Feeding, and Breakfast with the Giraffe or Parrot. The show, photos, and feeding of elephants The live performances and presentations held at the Emirates Park Zoo are called Photo and Sea Lion Presentations.

You'll get to interact with these cute animals while you're in Abu Dhabi, and you can even help with their protection. Kids can learn more about nature through this exercise. You can spend up to 30 minutes interacting with sea lions at the Emirates Park Zoo.

The hugely popular Elephant Encounter program is currently running, according to a recent announcement from Emirates Park Zoo and Resort. The two lovely Madu and Rada Indian Asian elephants, the zoo's largest residents, are approachable.

The event will feature fun-filled presentations of parrots, blue golden macaws, and rose-breasted cockatoos. The gathering will also witness the birds do entertaining tricks and learn more about the different species.

Utilize a safety harness and the ropes course to explore a section of the park. A primate enclosure, a flamingo park, a snake pit, and many other attractions are available in the zoo. A young climber can scale the tropical birds, while a daring adventurer can scale the petting zoo and reach the zip line at the top.

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12th Street Al Bahyah, Abu Dhabi 111026 United Arab Emirates

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